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Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art
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Water marble nail art is a great way to be a star on any occasion.

We'll show you how to do a simple nail design at home. Later you can improvise and go for different patterns.


Things you need for this nail art are
» Different colour nail polish – 3-4 colours
» A small stick or a toothpick
» Tape
» Water
» Container

Method :

Apply a base coat on your nails. Instead of the base coat, you can apply any light colour nail polish. Here I am applying a white colour nail polish. Let it dry.

Now using the tape cover your finger, except the nail, to avoid polish from spreading on to the fingers.

Take some water in a container. Make sure that the water has been kept in room temperature for a few minutes.

Put a small drop of nail polish in water. Make sure that you drop it from a small height cautiously, so that the drop won't go to the bottom of the container. Now you can put another drop of the nail polish on top of it. Keep dropping different colours one by one.

You can make designs with a small stick or toothpick.

Now dip your fingers one by one in the water. Carefully pull out the fingers. Slowly remove the tape and remove the excess nail polish using a small piece of cotton or ear buds. Wow!!! It looks awesome!

Start with a very simple design, and soon you will get used to this nail art- maybe become an expert.


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