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Match Box Jewelery Chest

Match Box Jewelery Chest
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Matchbox jewellery chest is a simple miniature or procedure of transforming a Match Box into a Mini drawer. The Matchbox jewellery chest is a simple DIY craft and which your 6 or 7 year old could do. The Matchbox could mean a great toy to your children as well.

Materials require : -
Matchbox jewellery materials
» Match box - 9 nos
» Large Beads - 4 nos
» Glue - 1 tube
» Scissors - 1
» Gift Paper - 1
» Small beads - 9 nos
» Hot glue - 1

one over the other

Step 1 :- Lets stack up the Match box by gluing it one over the other in two layers. Repeat the procedure thrice so that we could get three layers of separate matchboxes.

glue the match boxes

Step 2 :- Lets glue the match boxes unifying three layers to form a bundle.

glue small beads

Step 3:- You may also glue small beads in front of each drawer, these will be the knobs of the drawer.

gift paper horizontally

Step 4:- Now paste gift paper horizontally with glue so that the sides of the jewelry chest gets covered up

four large beads at the bottom

Step 5:- Glue four large beads at the bottom of the jewellery chest so that it becomes its legs.

jewellery chest

You can see that our jewellery chest is ready .You may try making this at home and store your valuable jewellery in it.


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