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Book Making - Felt Covered Note Book

Book Making - Felt Covered Note Book
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Materials Required : 
» Writing Paper - 10 pieces (22cm x 28cm)
» Thick felt (any colour) - 2 pieces (12cm x 14.5cm)
» Hammer
» Nail
» Decorative cord or string - 2 pieces (30cm long)
» Ruler
» Paper Clamp
» Beads 

If you want a thicker cover for a book, cut 4 pieces of felt of the same size and glue two pairs together.

Making : 

1.    Cut each piece of paper in half lengthwise. Then fold each in half widthwise. Make the folds crisp by pressing them firmly. 

Note Book

2.    Stack the pieces of paper exactly on top of one another. Place them on one of the pieces of felt, making sure the back edge (where the folds are) is even. Leave a slight margin around all sides. Place the second piece of felt on top, in level with the bottom piece. Clamp on both sides and hold everything together.

3.    Make two marks 1cm from the back edge and 2.5cm from the top and bottom. Hammer a sharp nail lightly at these marks to make holes. Make the holes bigger by rotating the nail in them.

Note Book
Note Book

4.    Thread the cord through one hole from front to back. Leaving about a third of the length of cord at the front, loop the cord around the end of the book, bring it back to the front and go through the hole again. Pull tight. Make a double knot at the back of the book. Repeat the same at the other hole.

5.    Bring the ends together and knot both cords in the book's centre. Add beads and trim any extra cord.

Note Book


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