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DIY Drum Kit

DIY Drum Kit
Contributed by- Adhin Ashok , Ernakulam , India
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DIY Drum Kit

Materials required : -
» Straw - 6
» Disposable paper glass - 4
» Tape -1
» Fabric paint - 2 or 3 colours
» Brush - 4
» Scissors - 1
» Bowl - 1
» Glue - 1


Cut straw into half using scissors and twist one end.

Cut straw into half

Take four disposable paper glasses and daw line horizontally on the middle part of the glasses.

daw line horizontally

Cut through the line draw on them.

Cut through the line

Take a glass and cover its open parts using a cut out piece and wrap it with a tape.

cover its open parts

Now take the cut out glass pieces and foxecah on either side of the closed glass upside down as shown.

cut out glass pieces

Fix the other two glass pieces by sticking 4 strew pieces inside so that it stands upright.

sticking 4 strew pieces

Paint the top part white. Give other colours according to your choice. And glue it.

Paint the top part

Make cymbals with straw and cardboard pieces and fix it.

cymbals with straw and cardboard

Awesome isnt it ? Give it a try..

DIY Drum Kit


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Suhaniyadav, Gurugram
May 22, 2019
Superb your talent is great.great . Thank you very much.