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Head Bow

Head Bow
Contributed by- Roseline Regite , Kochi , India
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Here is a nice idea to make cute head bows for your little angel. You don't need to spend much money on it... You can use laces, satin ribbons and nets of old dresses and frocks.

Collect the following things before you start.
» Net
» Lace
» Silver ribbon
» Satin ribbon
» Beads Beading
» wire
» Hair band
» Glue
» Needle and thread
» Matchbox
» Candle
» Scissors


Cut out a long 2-inch wide strip of silver net. Leaving 1cm width from the edge, sew through the net using needle and thread. While sewing the net, hold the cloth together as if you are making a paper fan. Once you finish, pull the thread carefully as shown so that the net forms a circular shaped flower.

Take a small piece of silver colour lace and make stitches along the edge of the strip. Gently pull the thread to form a circle as you did for the net. Make a proper circle and secure it with the thread. Now place it on the silver net flower.

Now we have to make a small silver rose. For this take a small piece of silver ribbon. Fold the ribbon into a half and hold the loop part in your hand. Make a 'V' shape just as shown here. Now take the ribbon that is in the bottom and cross it over, so it is now on top. Now take the ribbon on the bottom and cross it over to the top. Repeat the folds one on top of the other until you reach the end of the ribbon. When you finish take one of the ends of the ribbon and gently pull it up. You will see the ribbon curling up to form a rose. To secure, make a knot with the remaining ribbon. Cut out the extra ribbon. Now place the rose in the middle of the silver lace and secure with the thread.

Now arrange satin ribbon around it just like a bow. Cut the edges of it into a 'v' shape. Secure it with a needle and thread. To give a curly look, hold the tip of it and simply curl it.

Take a small piece of thread and insert silver beads. Don't forget to make knots on both sides of it. Arrange it around the silver rose and secure with thread.

Now take three equal pieces of beading wire. Light a candle and melt the tip of each wire. Insert three white beads through it. To fix them in position, apply some glue on the back of the last bead. Using glue arrange them around the rose. See, the bow is ready. Now we will fix it on the headband using glue. Let it dry.

Your little one will be a star with this cute bow. So, don't forget to try it out.


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