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Wax Flowers

Wax Flowers
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Here is another DIY Project you could try! Wax dipped paper flowers will last long & is ideal to make arrangements at home.


 Wax Flowers


  • Fabric paint

  • Flower thread

  • Green flower tape

  • Aluminium flower wire

  • Pips

  • Wax

  • Chart paper

  • Finix paper


This paper have 2 different textures on either side. It is very handy to work with - can be easily stretched, shrunk and even can be depressed to a cup like shape by using your thumb.


Making a bud

First draw the petals on the chart paper and cut them in different sizes. With the help of these petals cut out the original petals from the finix paper.  It is always better to use the chart paper samples, to draw the outline on the finix paper and cut the petals carefully.  It is stretchable and can give the desired shape of a fresh leaf or a petal. Now paint the petals with the fabric paint. The Finix paper and the fabric paint should be of the same colour. Finix paper is available in different colours, we can have our own colour choice depending upon the thing which we intent to do.

Tying the pips

To  make the flower, take a aluminium wire and tie 2 to 3 pips on the top  end. The pips  should be folded at the center before being tied to the aluminium wire. 

Tying the petals

Take  two or three small petals and keep it around the pips and tie it with the flower making thread. Arrange the larger petals around the small petals and tie it carefully with out spoiling the shape of the flower. With the green tape wrap  the aluminium wire till the end neatly.

Take a big round bowl  with water and let it boil.  Now place a small bowl with some wax in it and let it continue boiling (double boil). When the wax  melts properly,  dip the flower in the wax and dry it on a news paper. Next day arrange the flowers in a beautiful vase.



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Ritha, Kerala
February 14, 2014
Jenniferr Aunty, as always ur works r simply superb. Ur magical hands can b seen in the picture. God bless
Raji, Kochi
February 15, 2014
Yes I agree Ritha, aunty's works are simply superb. You can see more of her crafts in the painting and doll making categories..
kanika, delhi
June 26, 2011
very good work....
ANSARI M, manacaud
April 7, 2011
i like to get wax flower making methods in our local language (malayalam)
shuchi, panipat
September 29, 2010
nice..i m also a fine arts artist..i £k this wax flower too much
August 4, 2010
its an good if there is a video then very good and you mention the wax flower but you not used the wax to make the flower title is the indicator of the item you have to choose the name according to product.