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Carrot Rose

Carrot Rose
Contributed by- Mr. Sajeesh , Kozhikode , India
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Carrot Rose
For making this we need,
» Carrot - 1 
» Vegetable carving tools

Basic tools needed for vegetable carving

Carving knife, Peeler and a utility knife. Carving knife has a curved end and is very sharp as a blade. It should be held just like a pen to carve smoothly.

First, we will peel the carrot until it is smooth and the dirt is removed. We need the thickest portion of the carrot to make the flower. 


Cut out a piece from the thickest end. Shape the edge narrowly (just like you sharpen a pencil but not as thin). Using peeler, peel this area well. 

Make round shape with a carving knife

Now we'll make the petals one by one on the sides. Make round shape with a carving knife, remove the portion from underneath. Again sharpen the petal. The next petal starts within this petal. Repeat the process. Every petal is made from the previous petal and then the last petal ends inside a petal, finishing one row.

Upper petals are cut from the area

Now we will move to the next round or upper row of petals. Upper petals are cut from the area in between the petals of the first row. Continue the procedure.

like a bud

As you go inside, inner petals should be curved inside making it appear more like a bud. 

This is how you make a carrot flower. We can set this using spring onion leaf as the stem and arrange in a vase along with other flowers and leaves.


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