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Beetroot Rose Flower

Beetroot Rose Flower
Contributed by- Mr. Sajeesh, Carving Trainer , Kozhikode , India
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Vegetable carving is an art. If you are talented and have an interest , then even the more complex pattern will be easy to do. But you need patience for carving.


Beetroot Rose Flower
For making this we need,
» Beetroot - 1 small
» Carving knife
» Sharp knife


Select a small, fresh and even beetroot to make the rose flower. We cannot do flowers such as roses in big sized beetroot.

Remove the skin and bottom part

Peel beetroot using a sharp knife. Always do it near a wash basin or keep a bowl of water near you because your hands may get stained. Remove the skin and bottom part and gently dip the beetroot in water. Next cut its top level smoothly. 

using a carving knife line a circle in the center about 1cm in depth

Now using a carving knife line a circle in the center about 1cm in depth. Now shape the round area again using carving knife.

inner petals

Now we have to do inner petals, which we will carve towards inner side. Inner petals will come inside the circle. Do it carefully. If the cutting exceeds a limit, it may effect the shape of other petals too. Cut the petals in round shape. Always remember that these petals should appear like a bud. Form a hole at the center of the rose as seen in roses.

outer petals

Now we will do the outer petals. Outer petals should project outwards. Here we can make every petal of same size. If you have noticed roses, some roses have petals of different sizes which gives a beautiful structure. When we remove thin pieces from underneath, petals will project out. Do the next petal as a continuity to the previous petal. As you do each petal, we will get a feel of a flowering rose. Now we will do the next round of petals below it, similarly. Always start the next round of petals from the middle of two petals.

more deeper should be the pieces removed

After you finish doing the inner petals on the top part of the beetroot piece, make outer petals on the sides below as explained above. First line the petals with the knife and remove deeper pieces from below to give it the required projection. The more projection you need, the more deeper should be the pieces removed. The last round of petals should look as if it is facing downwards. 

Beetroot Rose Flower

Now we will just cut and remove the bottom portion so that the flower will stand erect. Shape the bottom portion carefully so that beauty of the flower and its petals are maintained. You can set it over salads or rice. If you set this in a white background it will look more beautiful.

Watching the video of beetroot rose will be more helpful to make this flower. 


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Ijaz, Pakistan
January 7, 2015
It is very very beautiful and nice flower
Tanvi Kapoor, Moggpair
September 27, 2014
I liked the rose beetroot and was looking nice when i used it for garneshing
Divya, Udumalpet
July 25, 2014
It is very use full for me