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Smoking Cushion

Smoking Cushion
Contributed by- Akanksha Goyal , Kalyan , India
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The art of smoking involves making stitches on plotted points and gathering the fabric at the stitch points to make a design.

Akanksha Goyal from Kalyan shows how to work on a decorative, smoked cushion.


Some More Designs Of Smokin Cushion
1. Take 1 metre Satin Cloth.
Second Step
2. Draw 25 boxes of 1(inch) each.
3. [/][][/][][/][]
Mark the entire 25 boxes as shown in the above picture.
Tie The Knot
4. Now take a needle with embroidery cotton thread of anchor company. Start from one end of the cloth. Insert the needle from the back of the cloth up through the first dot and pull the thread through. Make a tiny stitch at the dot to fasten the thread, and then a similar stitch at the second dot.
5. Gather and tie the knot of each box from one end to another end according to the lines which we have earlier drawn, as per direction. This will make a fold / design on the cloth.
6. Stitch the entire cloth according to your cushion size. Make sure the measurements, markings and stitching are uniform to get the desired effect.
Smokin Cushion


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Nancy, us Augusta Ga
September 22, 2018
very nice I am looking for books about smoking
Suravi , Nazira, Assam
July 2, 2017
Beautiful. Thanks for your description.
Durgeshwri Sharma, Bhilwara raj
February 7, 2015
Very nice. I like it. I want to learn more about smoking methods.
Shikha, Lucknow
August 30, 2013
Thanks aakansha.. do u know how to make round smokin cushion pls tell me
May 29, 2012
Nice, such a easy and nice way to make cushion.