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Carrot Flower

Carrot Flower
Contributed by- Mr. Sajeesh , Kozhikode , India
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Vegetable carving is an art.

See how Mr. Sajeesh, an expert carving trainer churn out wonderful things out of a vegetable. The perfect finishing shows off his expertise.


Carrot flower
For making this we need,
» Carrot - 1 long and thin
» Peeler
» Utility knife

We will make a beautiful flower which is long and usually found with long leaves, with carrot. 

peel the carrot

First peel the carrot as thin as possible. Cut off a small piece from the bottom of the carrot. Carve the edges of the remaining piece and make it more smoother using peeler. We can make flower of any length. One edge of this flower is sharp.

Line with the tip of the knife

Hold the carving knife like a pen and start carving from the thick end. Line with the tip of the knife in "V" Shape around the carrot and continue till the end. Make sure that the "V" shape is of same length. Remove the lined 'V' shaped pieces neatly using knife.

After the "V" cutting, it will project out. Next round of petals is made from the middle of the two petals above.

each round of petals should be of same size

Cut it in same 'V' shape and each round of petals should be of same size. Remove the pieces and it will also project out. In the same way continue with the other petals till you almost reach the end.

Smoothen out the tip with a utility knife

Smoothen out the tip with a utility knife. Tip should be made sharp. Here the petals should be longer and thinner than all other petals. Now we are done. Arrange this flower beautifully with leaves or spring onions, then only you will know its beauty. Always remember to make each new petal from the middle of other two petals above, otherwise it won't feel like a flower. The size of each round of petals vary from starting to end, outer petals will be bigger in size. 


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Shenba, Veerasigamani
January 6, 2015
Nice flower carrot work
Esha Kapoor, Chennai
September 27, 2014
It was like a true flower but unfortunely it was a carrot I loved it a lot..