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Gel Candle Making

Gel Candle Making
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Gel candles are gaining popularity as they burn longer than wax candles, and are easy to make.

You can try out different ways to make beautiful 3D effect candles making layers or adding embedding in glass containers or any other translucent container.


 Gel Candle Making

Method I

Materials Required:

  1. Gel Wax - 1/2 Kg

  2. Glass Tumbler

  3. Wax Crayons

  4. Vessel (Aluminum vessel for melting the wax)

  5. Wick

  6. Scissors

  7. Sticks

  8. Glitter Powder

  9. Beads, Shells etc.

  10. Something small but heavy eg: a screw

Method of making:

Take the glass with which you are planning to make the gel candle. Now, take the gel wax and with your hand, fill the glass with the wax. This is just to know the amount of wax required for filling the glass you are using. Now, put all the required wax into the vessel which is used for melting wax. Always keep a separate vessel for melting wax. It is not hygienic to use it for cooking purposes. After emptying the glass, keep a wick in the middle of the glass tumbler. Use a stick and roll one end of the wick around it, so that you can hang the other end of the wick into the glass. Keep the stick on the rim of the glass for support. Tie something heavy at the end of the wick (the side which is hung into the glass). So that the wick won't move away from it's position, while you are pouring the melted wax.

Now melt the wax on the stove and add the required colour into it . Cut the required amount of the wax crayon and add it into the wax, while it is being melted. Stir  constantly and as soon as all the wax melts, turn off the stove.

Now, slowly pour the melted wax into the glass tumbler. After pouring wait for at least 2-3 minutes and then you can put things like beads, glitter etc into the wax. Keep the candle aside, for setting. As the gel candle is transparent, any embedding will be seen from outside. This will give the candle a good look. 

 After it sets, cut the remaining wick (the wick which was rolled up onto the stick) and your candle is ready to use.


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