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Wall Paint Effects - Bag

Wall Paint Effects - Bag
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This light effect is created by pressing a light weight plastic bag half filled with rags (tied together by a knot) on a freshly painted wall. It requires two colours, preferably related pastel shades and two people working together. 

Base coat : Apply a base coat of thin latex paint with a light shade of your choice. Use a 4 to 6 inches wide brush. Start with horizontal strokes from the top of the wall in a specific area and cover with vertical strokes before the paint dries to give a good finish.  Repeat the process until the whole wall is painted. Allow the base coat to dry.  

Dilute the graining paint (latex or enamel) 50:50, if latex with water and if gloss enamel, with white spirit. A sufficient quantity must always be mixed to finish a whole wall. Paint on the diluted graining coat, in strips about 2ft wide, thinly and evenly to cover the base coat. Hold the bag, the knot nearest to the palm. Press the bag onto the painted surface, lift and repeat in an adjoining area, before the paint dries. Overlap the bag impressions slightly to create the crushed and crinkled impression. Wipe excess paint off the bag in between.

One person can paint on the graining coat and the other can do the effect part. When the painter finishes the top half of the strip of paint the other can immediately start pressing the bag on the top half while the painter works on the bottom half. 


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