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Quilled Hair Clip

Quilled Hair Clip
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Quilled hair clip is a cute idea for young girls. Quilling paper and needle are available from any craft shop.


Quilled hair clip
For making this clip we need,
Quilled hair clip materials
» Quilling paper and needle
» Glue
» Scissors
» Hair clip
» Comb

cut into two halves

Take any two colors of quilling paper strip. Here we have used pink and yellow colour. Take one of them (Pink) and cut into two halves.

mid tooth of the comb by inserting paper strip through it

Take the comb; start by wrapping the mid tooth of the comb by inserting paper strip through it. Make small loops on either side by wrapping closest teeth of the mid tooth of the comb as shown.

attach the other colour

Once enough loops are made, attach the other colour ie, yellow to it using glue.

tear like shape

Now slowly slide the strip out of the comb. Bring two ends of the strip together, squeeze slightly to form a drop or tear like shape and give it a final wrap with remaining end of the paper strip. Secure with glue.

tear like shape

Make more drop like shapes in similar manner.

round shape

Now take the colour, which is the outer layer of the drop shape, here yellow. Cut into two halves. Roll it using the needle. Now attach the other colour, which is the inner colour (Pink) of the drop shape and roll to make a round shape. Secure with glue.

flower like appearance

Now attach each drop shape one by one around the round shape to give a flower like appearance.

metal hair clip using feviquick

Stick this flower shape to the metal hair clip using feviquick. Let it dry. We are done. Apply clear / white nail polish or warnish to secure it tightly and to give a shiny look.


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Hina, India
July 25, 2015
Hair clips are awsome!!!