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Book Making - Heart Book

Book Making - Heart Book
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Materials Required :
 » Writing Paper - 6pieces (22cm x 14cm) Heart Book
 » Thick Art Paper (dark colour) -  1piece (22cm x14cm)
 » Needle
 » Thick Thread
 » Small Bead (any shape)
 » Ruler
 » Paper clamp
 » Pencil
 » Scissors

Making : 

Book Making

1.    Fold each piece of writing paper in half. Make the folds crisp by pressing them. Put one folded page inside another, until they are all gathered together.

2.    Fold the art paper in half, put the folded paper inside and clamp them together. Draw a half- heart shape on the art paper. Cut through all pages. Remove the clamp.

Book Making
Book Making

3.     Open the pages and clamp them together. Use the needle to make three holes at 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm from the top.  Double thread the needle with 40cm of the thread. Make a knot about 7.5 cm from the end. First, bring the needle through the middle hole from the back side. Pull the thread until you reach the knot. Then go through the top hole from the front to the back, gently pulling the thread tight. Skip down to go through the bottom hole, then finish by going through the center hole from front to back and ending up where you started. Gently pull the thread tight and knot the ends together. Trim the excess thread. Tie a double knot.

4.    Thread the heart-shaped bead through the excess thread. Knot it in place. 

Heart Book


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