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Bunny Bookmark

Bunny Bookmark
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Here is an easy way to make a funny book mark.

Just check out the things needed to make it.


Things needed are
» Black beads big size – 2
» Small size – 16
» Thread
» White paint

black bead

Take a small piece of yarn. Make a knot on it. Insert a big black bead.

double-knotted yarn

Cut three small pieces of the yarn. Double knot, one of the small yarn, below the black bead. Again insert another bead on the main yarn, just below the double-knotted yarn. Take another small piece of the yarn and double knot it under the second bead. Double knot one more small yarn, under the second bead. Insert one small bead to each end of the last small yarn. Make a knot to secure the beads.

Insert three beads

Insert three beads on the both small ends of the small yarn of the middle. Secure with a knot. Repeat it for the final small yarn also.

white paint, draw eyes, and mouth on this bead

The yarn with two beads is the ear of the bunny. So the big bead under this is the head. Using white paint, draw eyes, and mouth on this bead. Finally, on one end of the main yarn, make a knot. Insert a small bead, then a big bead and again a small bead into it. Secure with a knot. The funny bunny bookmark is ready!


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