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Soft Toy - Pompon Bear

Soft Toy - Pompon Bear
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Mrs. Jennifer Augustine, veteran craft maker shows how to make a cute stuffed bear.


Soft Toy - Pompon Bear
Materials Required : 

Double Knit Wool


A rod of diameter 1/2 inch (Approx) and length 12" approx.


A big needle


Eyes, Nose

›› Fevi Bond.


Procedure :

The Pom Pon Bear consists of several wool balls (of various sizes) joined together appropriately to make the bear. So first lets see how to make the balls. The basic procedure to make the balls is the same.

  1. First take four strands of the wool, each of approx 12" in length.

  2. Now keep the 4 strands along the length of the rod.

  3. Now using the wool ball wind it over the 4 strands and rod

  4. After completing a single layer repeat the process over and over again

For a normal size Pom Pon:

  • Body  will have 12-14  windings.

  • Legs   will have 09- 10 windings.

  • Hands will have 08 windings.

  • Head  will have 10  windings.

  • Ears    will have 06  windings.

  • Snout  will have 06  windings. 

  • Tail will have 06 winding.

 5. After completing the required windings, slide off the wool. Now using the 4 strands tie a knot which brings the two ends of the windings together.


  6. Now cut off the folded edges neatly. After this, roll the piece between your palms and make it into a small ball. Similarly make the rest of the balls.

7. Join the head and the body using the 2 strands, by tying a knot.

8. Next Join the hands, legs, ears and snout accordingly using needle and wool.

9. Stick the eyes and nose to complete the Bear. You can also tie a bow around its neck.

To make a bigger bear, you can increase the windings accordingly.

Knotting 4 strands bringing two ends together
Knotting 4 strands bringing two ends together
Cutting off the folded edges


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Pratima, Jaipur
February 13, 2011
thanks for such a great effort....very useful site
payal jain, kadur
October 31, 2010
it's very cute doll.i like it so much
K Madhavi, Hydrabad a.p
July 21, 2010
your idea is good but you dint show how to join
Kmadhavi, hydrabad a.p
July 21, 2010
I like it so much
Rajeshwari, hyderabad
July 10, 2010
this toy seems very interesting and catchy but i would suggest to give clear images for each step.....
Sudha, Coimbatore
May 12, 2010
please give us some more clear images