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Pen Box

Pen Box
Contributed by- Cathy , Windy city , United States
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Pen Box
Things Needed
» Carton Box(not to big)
» Card Board
» Glue or Tape
» White Paper
» Safety Scirrors
» Water Paints
» Poster Colours
» Oil Pastels and Glitters



Take the carton box and measure the length of it.Cut out the paper some bigger than the length.Stick the paper on it with the glue or tape.

Pencil box


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Naresh More, Bhandara
May 9, 2013
This work is very inspairin to me. I will take the idea and teach to my students.
snig, India
February 23, 2011
Wonderful idea ! I really appricate it a lot!What a beautiful box idea!