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Plastic Bottle Basket

Plastic Bottle Basket
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There are quite a few interesting DIY projects with left over plastic bottles.

Here is one recycled bottle craft for you. A simple basket made with old plastic bottle and ribbon.


Plastic bottle basket
For this you need,
materials to make this Plastic bottle basket
» An empty plastic bottle
» Ribbon
» Scissors
» Knife
» Glue

cut the top part

Take the plastic bottle and cut the top part of it using a knife.

Cut into strips vertically

Cut into strips vertically leaving 1-inch gap, about 10 to 16 strips. Now you will get flutters like this.


Take the ribbon and start to weave it on the bottle beginning from the bottom. Before going upward, fix the starting end of the ribbon on the bottle with glue. Repeat weaving until you reach the top of the bottle.

cut a strip

Now cut a strip from the upper part of the bottle that we have cut before. Glue it to the basket as shown.

Wrap the satin ribbon

Wrap the satin ribbon on it. You can add any other decoration according to your wish. Your basket is ready. It is a multi purpose basket. You can use it as a penholder, a flower vase and also a place to keep your dolls. Try out this idea, and have fun.


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Frankie Jacobs, kolkata
May 13, 2016
Very stunning projects!!!
Mrs Varsha Lund, Ulhasnagar
August 20, 2014
wow... its amazing i liked it pls mail me some more ideas from waste material bcaz im looking for my new house so... u r gr8