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Plastic Bottle Penguins

Plastic Bottle Penguins
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Plastic Bottles are lightweight and are easily available in plenty. You can turn these bottles into beautiful artifacts similar to Russian dolls.

In fact they make good showpieces at kids parties. See more Plastic bottle Crafts


Plastic Bottle Penguins
To make a penguin, you will require the following materials,
» Two plastic bottles of the same size
» Hot glue
» Cutting knife
» Acrylic paints in white, black, red and yellow
» Brushes Flat and pointed
» Black CD Marker

attach the two plastic parts

To begin, lets take 2 plastic bottles of same size. Lets cut the bottles into halves and using hot glue, attach the two plastic parts together. Make sure that the larger part fits inside the smaller part.

white acrylic paint

Using the flat brush lets coat the joined bottles with white acrylic paint and allow it to dry. You may coat twice so as to make the paint look dense.

out line the belly

Now using black CD Marker lets out line the belly of the penguin in a heart shape.

black Acrylic paint

Paint the rest of the body and feet using black Acrylic paint.

paint the penguins crown

After the paint dries, choose any favorite color and paint the penguins crown. Here we have used red color and yellow paint for the crowns rim.

Decorate the crown

Decorate the crown creatively.

paint the eyes

Finally let us paint the eyes and beak of the Penguin. Our Plastic bottle penguin is ready to be shown off.


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