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Bread Flower - Rose

Bread Flower - Rose
Contributed by- Sabeena , Kochi , India
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Wondering what to do with the left over stale bread?

Our craft expert Sabeena will show you how to make beautiful roses out of stale bread.



Materials Required:

» Bread (rotten)
» Fevicol ( gum)
» Two different colour paints
» Varnish
» Thin iron rod
» Brushes to paint
» Green tape

Procedure :

Take the rotten bread... Crush the bread to fine crumbs.

Take the white glue and mix it with the breadcrumbs. Now it is in the form of thick dough.

Make a petal of the flower

Take a small piece from the dough and roll it in the form of a circle. Take the iron wire and bend one end to form a 'U' shape... Now place the dough this... to make a petal of the flower.

Repeat the procedure to make 7 or 8 petals. Place them one over the other like this.... We are finished with the first method.

Now we'll see the other method of making petals.

thick thread

Take a big piece of dough and role it like thick thread.

Now make the thick thread flat...

dough around the wire

Take one thin wire and roll the flat long dough on it ... we can rotate the dough around the wire.

Colour the petals using the brush

Next step is to colour the petals using the brush. The choice of colours is up to your interest...!

After painting, apply varnish on the flowers. This has 2 benefits. It will give the flowers a glazed look and prevent them from decaying soon.

Cover the wire with the green tape

Now cover the wire with the green tape. Wow.. see that. We have a lovely rose flower.

beautiful bouquets

Now we can arrange the flowers with leaves in between to make beautiful bouquets.


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