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Wall Paint Effects - Brush

Wall Paint Effects - Brush
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Dragging a brush over a freshly painted surface, is a popular effect for woodwork as well as walls. Latex or semi gloss enamel can be used on walls, semi gloss only on woodwork. This effect requires two people working together. You need two brushes, one for painting and the other for dragging off the paint. Dragging brush, should be a long bristled wide brush. 

Dragging effect is created by painting a thin glaze of colour over a base coat then using a dry brush to drag off this colour, allowing the base colour to be seen through in between. The result is finely marked off lines. They can be dragged vertically or horizontally, even one on the top of the other.

Dilute the colour to be dragged at least 50:50. Mix enough to drag a complete wall. The paint is applied thinly and evenly in strips about 2ft wide, to completely cover the base coat. One person brushes on the colour, the second person drags it off while it is still wet.

Hold the dragging brush (long-bristled wide brush) firmly and draw it steadily down through the wet paint. Wipe the brush on rags after two or three strokes so that it does not become so loaded with paint that it puts it on rather than takes it off. Relax the grip at the end of a stroke - at the bottom of the wall, round light switches and other obstacles as this is where paint tends to build up.

The edge of each strip of paint being brushed on must remain wet if the strip next to it is to merge properly. Any build up of drying paint between strips will be obvious and will ruin the delicate effect. The painter should start applying the second strip while the dragger works on the first, the dragger follows the painter along the wall. 


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