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Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
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Bird feeders are simple devices placed or hung on tree trunks or gardens to feed birds. we'll show you to make one using an empty soda bottle and plastic spoons. With chirping birds around the feeder this simple craft can turn out to be a delight.

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
Materials required : -
» Soda bottle 1
» Thin iron wire 10 cm in length.
» Cutting blade large and small
» Large spoons 2
» Cutting player 1
» Bird food

Lets begin by poking two small holes at the surface of the soda cap. This is done in order to hang the bird feeder once it is made. Now insert thin iron wire through the holes and twist and wind the wires beneath the soda cap.

two small holes iron wire

Make two long slits on two parallel sides of the bottle using cutting blade and insert the handle of the plastic spoon through the bottle and out through the other slit. Now insert another spoon in the same way so that the spoons are placed in a cross shape.

two long slits plastic spoon

Using appropriate funnel pour in the bird food into the soda bottle and fill it up to the brim or half way crossing the inserted spoon. Once bird food has been filled, enlarge the opening at the wide end of the inserted spoon as shown so that the bird food would fall in automatically. Screw the lid of the soda bottle and your soda bottle Bird feeder is ready to be hung. Watch for the birds to perch on your feeder for little bites.

bird food soda bottle Bird feeder


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