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Simple Finix Paper Flower

Simple Finix Paper Flower
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Finix paper, with different textures on either side is available in most of the shops.

As the paper can be easily stretched and shrunk, it is very easy to handle and make desired shapes.


For making this flower we need :
» Finix paper
» Scissors
» Aluminium wire
» Green floral tapes
» Leaves
» Glue

petal shape

Carefully draw a petal shape in the finix paper. Take a small strip of the same colour finix paper. Apply some glue on it and place the aluminium wire on it. Now carefully fix it on the backside of the petal shape. Bend the petal outward to get the shape.

more petals

In a similar way, make more petals. To make the stamen, take a strip of the same colour paper and fold it lengthwise.

folded end on top

With the folded end on top, wrap it on the top of an aluminium wire and secure it with a thread.

arrange petal

Now arrange each petal one by one around the stamen. Don't forget to secure it with a thread.

green leave

Wrap the stem part using a green floral tape. Make more flowers and arrange them with green leaves. See, they look awesome!

beautiful flower

This is a simple and easy method to make beautiful flowers using finix paper. Don't forget to try it.


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Archana Swaminathan, Chennai
September 15, 2015
Its very easy to create many things in this method.... so i like this simple ways of making flower crafts..
Revathymadhub, Bangalore
June 12, 2014
Really looking good, easy to learn... my wishes to U
Rajalekshmi, Neyyattinkara
June 6, 2014
I am very much satisfied...