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Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Etching is a beautiful work of art where one makes a design on metal or glass by etching out the lines with a tool.

Materials :

  1. Design

  2. Aluminium Sheet

  3. Black Enamel Paint

  4. Etching Tool

  5. White Carbon Sheet

  6. Brush

Method :

The etching tool is a fine pointed steel instrument. Having a background   in painting or sketching is helpful.

Etching out the design with the tool

Select a design first. Cut the Aluminium sheet according to the size of the design. Now paint the Aluminium sheet with black enamel paint. Leave it to dry completely. Trace the design on the Aluminium sheet using the white carbon sheet. Next using the etching tool, scrape off the paint. Do not scrape off the paint completely. Make long-short scratches on the black aluminium sheet in the direction of flow of the figure.  The entire design should be scratched out.

Now your work is complete . Hope you enjoy this unique piece of art. 


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