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Paper flower Tulip

Paper flower Tulip
Contributed by- Ancy Sajith , Kaloor , India
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Making paper flower is a fun activity. Paper tulips are some of the easiest and beautiful paper flowers to make.

Materials Required : Materials
Crepe Paper
Green Tape


Cut out petal shapes

Cut out petal shapes from crepe paper as shown.

You can cut out several petals at a time, by folding over a sheet of crepe paper and cutting out a few petals simultaneously.

Handkerchief Method

So that the petals will be in uniform size and shape and the process will go faster. After that make folds using handkerchief method.

Realistic look to the Petals

It gives a realistic look to the petals. Make a center using same color of paper by fixing it to wire.

Finished wrap the wire with Green Tape

Take the flower center and tie the petals around it using thread. After the flower is finished wrap the wire with green tape. Your paper tulip is done. Arrange the flower according to your liking.


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Swetha Lattala, Andhra Pradesh
May 14, 2012
not only the case of tulips, But also in every art and craft shown by the website is awesome.... I am impressed.