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Pot Designing

Pot Designing
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Pot designing has been one of man's earliest hobbies.. Today we are going to show you how to design this beautiful Golden Terracotta flower vase.

Things needed for this craft are: -
» Simple Terracotta pot
» Ceramic Powder – 2 packs
» Fevicol – 1 bottle
» A glass Bowl
» Painting brushes
» Metallic Acrylic Paint


Pour some fevicol to a glass bowl and mix with enough ceramic powder to prepare a thick mixture of grainy consistency.

Once the mixture is ready, you can give a base texture to the pot by pasting the mixture onto it. Use impressions of your index finger to make this simple design. You can also customize the design, using iron nails or pen. Once the base design is done, allow it to dry for some time.

Once the pot is dry, paint it using any metallic colour of your choice. Here we have used golden colour. Metallic colours will always give a shiny finish. Okay, now we are done with it. See... how trendy it looks!!!


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Tanvi Bhardwaj , Shimla,Himachal Pradesh
August 31, 2017
very good
pragati chaudhary, Gorakhpur(u.p)
October 25, 2015
Really its simpl & beautiful .....nd its vry essy to make it....
Afreen, Mumbai
September 6, 2015
Thanks for new fevicol idea. it's very interesting beautiful. So thanks again ok bay
Mamta Kushwaha, Allahabad
December 11, 2014
Nice pot, and so beutiful coller and bas &your thinking.