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M Seal Earring

M Seal Earring
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Things we need for making beautiful earrings are
» M-seal
» Nose pliers
» Wire cutters
» Scissors
» Earring hooks
» Jewellery cable
» Jump ring
» Crimp beads
» Paints, Brush and Water
» White colour beads
» Talcum powder
» Aluminium wire
» Rolling pin and board

Along with the above objects, don't forget to collect some nails and bottle caps or round shaped items of different sizes.

While you open the m-seal packet you can see two parts, resin and hardener in black and white. Mix both of them till you get a greyish white colour. Take a small piece of it and roll it using the rolling pin. Don't forget to dust some talcum powder on the rolling board. It will prevent the m-seal from sticking onto the board.

Now using a bottle cap or any round shaped objects, press and cut a round shape from the m-seal. Take another cap, which is smaller than the first one and make another round shape. In the same way, make a still smaller round shape.

Now place the medium round shape on top of the big one and the smallest one on top of the medium one. Using an old toothpaste cap, make designs on the bottom round.

Now take a screw, and gently press it on the smaller round shape to get another design. Here I am showing a sample idea. You can use any other object to make designs. Make a hole on top of it. Wait for some time till it gets hardened.

Take another piece of m-seal and roll it using your hand and make a bead. Using a sharp object make a hole in it.

Now it's time to paint the round shapes. Here I am using a combination of majenta and dark olive green. Paint the bottom round with the majenta and the middle one with the green. For the smaller top round, again give the magenta.

Insert the bead in an aluminium wire. Paint it with magenta colour. Let it dry.

Using the wire cutter cut a small piece of jewellery cable. Insert it through the hole of the round shape. Insert both ends of the wire through a crimp bead. Lock the bead using a flat nose plier.

Of the two ends of the wire, one must be smaller. Cut that end. Take the other end through a small white bead. Now take it through the m-seal bead that we have painted before. Insert a crimp bead through it. Take the wire back through the crimp bead, making a small hoop at the top. Pull the excess wire to the m-seal bead. Lock the crimp bead. We have done with the hanging part of the earring.

Now connect the hoop that we have made at the top of the hanging part, to the earring hook with the jump ring. Tighten both the ends of the jump ring.

Craft one more earring… to make a pair at the same time.

…Experiment earrings in different designs with m-seal....


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