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Crystal Beaded Anklet

Crystal Beaded Anklet
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Anklets are trendy with casual and party wear.. It is quite easy to make a beaded anklet. It can be made with a variety of materials. Here you gonna see how to make a simple anklet with crystal beads. You can also gift it to your dear ones.

beaded anklet
We need the following materials to make this anklet. It will be available from any craft shop.
materials to make this anklet
» Crystal beads – red and golden colour
» Golden eye pins – a few numbers
» Hook
» Nose pliers and wire cutter

golden bead

Take a golden eye pin and slide a golden bead. Following that, add three red beads and one golden bead.

nose pliers make a loop at the end

Using the nose pliers make a loop at the end. Now, insert another eye pin to the loop and tighten the loop with the pliers.

attached to the first one

Repeat the process in the same manner; slide three red beads and one golden bead, to the eye pin that we have attached to the first one. Make a loop at the end of it and attach another eye pin to it. Some eye pins may be a bit large. In such cases you can cut the extra part using the wire cutter.

beaded anklet

Continue the process until you get the desired length. Finally attach the hook and clasp on both ends of the anklet and secure them with nose pliers neatly. Here is your beaded anklet. Experiment with different colours and have fun!


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Sheeja, Kanyakumari
November 28, 2015
Very nice... Thanks to your post..
A.Banu, Sivagangai
September 10, 2014
Very beautiful thank you so much