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Finger Print Fall Tree

Finger Print Fall Tree
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Finger print art is an endless field of creativity. It is really fun and there are really talented artists who even create portraits with fingerprints.

Here we are going to introduce you to this innovative art idea through a very simple method.


Finger Print Fall Tree
All you need are
» A white paper
» Pencil or a sketch pen
» Watercolour
» Water

drawing it with a sketch pen

Lets start with the tree trunk. Here I am drawing it with a sketch pen. You can give shades and add branches according to your imagination. You can also use a traced copy or a print out of a tree trunk.

apply red colour on your thumb

Now apply red colour on your thumb using a brush. Simply press your thumb on tree branches. Here we are representing tree leaves during fall /autumn.

middle leaves with orange colou

Paint the middle leaves with orange colour.

Add some green leaves at the tip of each branch.

four or five red leaves

Finally add four or five red leaves on the ground.

Don't touch the leaves until they dry well. You could frame the finger print painting and hang it on your wall.


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