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DIY Easy Emoji Bookmark

DIY Easy Emoji Bookmark
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Sabeena shows us how to make a cute, interesting bookmark right at home.

See step by step instructions with pictures and video.


Materials Needed : -

Emoji Bookmark materials
» Chart paper
» fevicol
» Scissors
» Knife
» Colour paper
» Pen

How to make

Take a small square shaped chart paper

square shaped chart paper

Fold it and make the paper into a triangle shape

triangle shape

Again fold it up and down as shown

Again fold it

Draw a circle above the paper

Draw a circle

Cut every sides through the lines to make a perfect circle out of it

Cut every sides

Draw the eyes on a paper and stick it on the chart paper

Draw the eyes

Make it more attractive as shown

more attractive

Emoji bookmark is ready now!

DIY Easy Emoji Bookmark


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