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Popsicle Photo Frame

Popsicle Photo Frame
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Popsicle or ice cream sticks, which you throw away, can be used to make wonderful crafts. Popsicles are low-priced; available in abundance and more often turn out to be worthy treasure on craft completion.

Popsicle Photo Frame
Materials, which you require, are: -
» Popsicles or ice cream sticks- 2 or 3 bunches
» Glue
» Hot glue
» Beads of various colors
» Ribbon

If you want a colorful photo frame, paint the popsicles with a colour of your choice before starting the craft. Here I am not painting it.


Line the Popsicle sticks one after the other horizontally on the floor as if you are filling a square shape. Take 3 Popsicle sticks, apply glue and stick them vertically on the square shape (Popsicle board) leaving equal space in between. It keeps the popsicle board intact without falling apart. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

square frame

Once dry, turn over to the smooth surface and let's construct the frame of the photo. For that lets stick a Popsicle horizontally at the base of the Popsicle board. Apply glue on the two ends of the popsicle and stick 2 Popsicle sticks vertically from the edges, complete the square frame with another Popsicle on top vertically.

multi colored pushpins

Now lets insert multi colored pushpins at the Popsicle joints as it adds strength and beauty to the Photo Frame.

decorate the photo frame

To further decorate the photo frame, glue beads of various shape and color over the popsicle photo frame.

ribbon in U shape

Now stick a thin ribbon in U shape, to hang the photo frame from the wall.

Insert a photo

Insert a photo of your choice in the gap between the board and the frame. Your beautiful photo frame is ready to amaze the viewer.


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