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Bead Flowers - Apple Blossom

Bead Flowers - Apple Blossom
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Blue Lace Flower | Bougainvillea | Clematis | Lily 


  • Gold or Silver wire

  • Crystal Beads - Pink and white for flowers

  • Light green beads for Flower centre 

  • Light and Dark green beads for leaves

  • Stem Wire

  • Brown Tape

This flower has five petals with a small centre piece. You can increase or decrease the number of beads used for each petal depending on the size of the beads and how big (size) you want your flower to be. The measurements given are for one single flower.

Flower Centre - Here the Flower Centre has 6 loops with 6 green beads in each loop. This 6 loops must be done in a single wire. It looks like a small flower. (Loop Petal)

Petals - The basic wire or Basic count of the petal contain 7 beads. Each petal has 5 rows including the basic wire. The rows other than the basic wire must have enough beads to fit parallel to the top of the basic count. The colours used are pink and white. Shape of the petal is round at the top and pointed at the bottom (Round Petal) . Make 5 petals.

Leaves - The basic wire of the leaf contains 7 beads. Each leaf has 9 rows including the basic wire. Shape of the leaves is pointed at the top and round at the bottom (Pointed Petal). After completing 7 rows with light green beads complete the last two rows with dark green beads.

Arranging :

  • Place the petals on top of one another, twist all the wires hanging down together. Fan out the petals to form a circle. Petals can be shaped with front sides up or down according to your taste to give it a natural look.

  • Slide in the flower centre in the middle and twist the wires hanging down once again.

  • Using the brown tape, tape 1 flower to the stem wire

  • Tape two leaves under the flower, opposite each other.

  • Continue to tape down the stem , adding 1 flower and 2 leaves 1" apart.


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