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Quilled Earrings

Quilled Earrings
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Here you gonna see a trendy earring using quilling paper.

Quilled Earrings
For this we need,
» Quilling paper and needle
» Glue
» Jump ring
» Earring hook
» Nose pliers
» Scissors

roll the paper

Take any five different colours of the paper. Take any of the colour and cut out a small piece from it. Using the needle, roll the paper.

roll to make a drop shape

Just press one end of the roll to make a drop shape. Secure the end with glue.

Make drops

Make drops with the other colours too.

sticking the corners

Now attach them by sticking the corners together as you see here.

attach a jump ring

Finally attach a jump ring to the top drop shape. Again connect it to the earring hook and tight with nose pliers. Here is your trendy earring!


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Malarkodi, Bangalore
June 9, 2017
good and i like to learn please.
May 26, 2016
Very nice and looking very terndy!!!