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Bead Flowers - Petals

Bead Flowers - Petals
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 Bead Flowers - Petals

Round Petal | Pointed Petal | Loop Petal | Wrap Petal | Cross Over Petal Single Beaded Units

A basic wire to string the basic count of beads, around which the design is formed is needed for both round and pointed petal. 


Take a silver or gold wire cut out a piece of wire to string the basic number of beads needed for the particular design. The lower end of the basic wire is the 'bottom' of the petal and  upper part is the 'top'  of the petal . The shape of the top and bottom  of the petal depends upon the design. 

Round Petal

    Round Petal
  • Make a basic count of beads using specified number of beads mentioned in the design.

  • Then take one end of feed wire and twist it around the lower end of the bottom basic count. Start stringing the beads.

  • Making a Round Petal
  • Bring the feed wire up  next to the basic count with enough beads to fit parallel to the top of the basic count. Hold both rows of beads firmly near the top. With the bare feed wire, make a Complete circle around the top basic wire to tighten it.

  • Rotate the petal in a clockwise motion only one side should face at all time so that it create front and back to the petal. The bottom basic loop is now facing up and the top basic wire is facing down. 

  • Continue around the petal in the same manner for the number of rows as you want to make the design. Each line of beads  is counted as one row. The original basic count is also considered one row. 

  • When the petal is completed , twist all wires firmly, 2-3 times directly under the beads. 

  • Bend the top basic wire to the back of the petal and cut away and press this firmly against the petal. 


Pointed Petal

    Pointed Petal
  • The procedure is same as for the round petal until the second row.

  • When the second row is parallel  to the basic count, add 2 extra beads before tightening around the basic wire. 

  • Making of a Pointed Petal
  •  Bring the feed wire to a higher point than the previous row.

  • Complete the circle around the top basic wire.

  • Flattened the angle against the top basic wire

  • Push the third row of bead firmly in to the space created .

  • Continue around the petal for the required number of  rows for the design and end into same manner as the round petal.


Loop Petals

    Loop Petals
  • Knot one end of the wire 

  • Measure the required number of beads which is necessary for the design.

  • Making of a loop
  • Leave 3"  space of bare wire and  string the beads and make a loop.

  • Twist the wires twice, just under the beads to hold firmly. 

  • To make several loops all on one continuous wire, make each loop next to another about 1/16 inch apart.

  • Twist each loop twice at the base before making the next one.

  • Continue until the required number of loop is completed.

  • Leave 3" of free wire after the last loop and cut away from the spool


Wrap Petals

    Wrap Petals
  • Leave 3" of bare wire , form a loop with required beads.

  • Twist wire twice directly under the beads.

  • With beads, wrap  around the outside of the first loop. keep the second row as close to the first as possible.

  • Twist twice,  directly below the beads, around the original  wire.

  • Continue for the required number of 'wraps'. The first loop is not included as a wrap.

  • Continuous wraps are done in the same way as continuous loops. 



Cross Over Petals

    Cross Over Petals
  • Leave 3" of bare wire.

  • Make a loop of the required size, press it closed, twist twice directly below the beads.

  • Making Cross Over Petals
  • Bring the beaded wire up inside the first loop to the top of the oval. this will make the third  row.

  • Press bare wire down into the space between  the top two beads and bring the feed wire down the back of the petal.

  • Turn over and fully fill this space with beads to meet the twist of the first loop made.

  •  Twist the wire around the stem twice and cut it free at about 3"


Single Beaded Units

Method I

  • String Beads on the wire.

  • Leave a long piece of bare wire at the beginning.

  • Insert the open end of the wire back through the beads, omitting the first bead.

  • Push the wire through the required number of beads

  • Pull the wire tightly until the first bead is resting on the top of the rest of the beads.

  • Twist the wire at the base and cut it away from the spool.

Method II

  • String beads on the guage wire called for in the design.

  • Coil the open end of the wire around a needle 5 times.

  • Squeeze the coil closely together with the tips of the pliers  and remove the needle.

  • Cut the coil so that 2 full circles remain.

  • Push the required number of beads close to the coil.

  • Make a basic loop under the beads so that the beads are pushed firmly against the coil.

  • Measure the required number of beads.



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