Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bear Key Chain

Contributed by- Nirmal Kumar , Salem , India
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Required Needs :
Medium fur
Needle and thread

Method :

1. Take a medium fur, cut 4 inch radius cirlce, 2 inch radius circle 1, 1/2 inch radius circle 4, 1/4inch circle 3.

2. Take needle and thread, sew running stritch on the edge of the circle. pull it and stuff cotton on it.

3. Make same type balls. after finishing the total9 balls we have to paste all so take fevibond to stick.

4. Take the first 2 big ball, they are the body and head of a bear. paste the balls up and down.

5 . Body and head of the bear ready, fix the 4 equal balls as 2 legs and 2 hands let it be dry.

6. The fis the very small ball as ears and remaining as mouth.

7. Fix plastic eyes and nose. then take a key ring and fix in the middle of the ears.

8. We can get a very cute key chain bear.


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payal jain, bangalore
November 11, 2010
it's superb....................