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Socks Walrus

Socks Walrus
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Hi kids, here you can see an easy and fun craft idea.

We gonna make a peeping walrus with old socks.>>


Socks Walrus
What we need for this are,
materials to make Socks Walrus
» Paper cup –1
» Blue paint
» Stick – 1
» Cotton
» An old socks – brown colour
» Glue
» Paper
» Doodle eyes

Fill the socks with cotton

Fill the socks with cotton.

tie it using a rubber band

Leaving a few inches from the top of the socks, tie it using a rubber band. This is the face of our walrus.

moustache shape from the paper

Cut a moustache shape from the paper. Paint with brown colour, and stick on the mouthpart.

Insert the stick

Cut out a long rectangle piece from white paper. Place a stick (coconut palm leaf stick) at one edge and roll the paper on it and secure the other edge of the paper with glue. Cut into half to make two pieces. Stick it to the moustache with glue so that it hangs down below the moustache.

two doodle eyes

Glue two doodle eyes on the face of the walrus.

Glue cotton

Insert a stick through the bottom of the socks and tie it to the socks using another band.

Glue cotton

Paint the cup using blue colour. Glue cotton on the brim of the cup. Let it dry well. Make a small hole at the bottom of the cup.

stick with the socks

Once it dries well, push the stick with the socks through the hole at the bottom of the paper cup.

walrus up and down using the stick

Just push the walrus up and down using the stick. See the little walrus pop up, out of the water. Amusing, isn't it??

Don't forget to make it and have fun with your friends.


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