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Snow Man

Snow Man
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Snow Man


Snow Man Materials

Egg shell or any round mould -3 nos






Red Satin ribbon


Red Varnish Paper


Black spots (Stickers)


Ice cream cup or Disposable glass

›› Scissors

Method :

Empty the content of the egg by making a small hole .

Sticking cotton on to the mould

Make the egg shell or mould, each in different size by sticking cotton around it using glue. Join it together one by one as shown in figure.

Fixing nose, eyes and buttons

After joining the balls, stick the black spots for eyes, mouth and buttons.

For making the nose, take a piece of red varnish paper and make a small cone out of it, and stick it in the place of nose.


Making the cap

For cap- cut a ice cream cup or disposable glass to make the cap.

Giving finishing touches

Cut varnish paper as shown in figure and stick it around the glass. The diameter of the glass must fit the snowman's head.

Tie the red satin ribbon around the neck as a bow to make the snowman look more beautiful. You can place it on the tree along with the decorations.


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Koj Pinky, Itanagar
March 26, 2013
Snowman is very cute nd its a nice idea but it'll b betr if pictures are also shown step by step... It will b benefited 4 jeal learners...
Panner Selvam, VNR
September 18, 2011
It is very helpful for us...
k vishwesh, kamareddy (AP)
July 5, 2011
toy is very nice and easy to do...Thank u..
zafar, india
April 12, 2011
this is a very good website for learning craft work. thankss
Banayla, coimbatore
September 26, 2010
i liked this.....its so simple and quick to make..........
k.sudha Rani, virudhunagar
September 23, 2010
your art work step is very easy to read and understand.The snow man is very cute
R.Nivedhitha, Madurai
May 11, 2010
The art and craft are so simple so please give other art and craft with simple materials