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Book Box Making

Book Box Making
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This box will look exactly like a book. You can store your things secretly or fool your friends with this box.  Try it out..  

Materials Required:
» One hardcover book with at  least 2cm (3/4 in.) thickness
» Cardboard (packing material like cartons) two pieces
  a) one piece a bit larger than the book- to make the bottom piece of the box.
  b) one narrow piece with breadth (thickness) as same as the book and length, combined measurements of all sides of the cover- to make the sides of the box.
» A strip of white paper the same size as the narrow piece of cardboard.
» A paper knife, a ruler, tape, a pencil, paints, a paintbrush, glue.


1. Remove the pages carefully with the  paper knife from the hard cover book without spoiling the hard cover.

2. Cut a strip of paper and glue it over the space left by the pages.

3.  Place the pages on the larger piece of cardboard (a) and trace around them.  Draw a line 1cm (1/2 in.) in from one long side and one short side, and cut out the smaller rectangle. This will be the bottom of your box.

4.  On the narrow strip of cardboard (b), measure and mark the length of the bottom piece. Then the breadth alternately until all sides are measured and marked. Cut out the remaining portion at the end of the strip. This will be the side piece of your box. 

5.  Glue the strip of white paper on the side piece of the box. Use a pencil and ruler to draw on lines to resemble pages. Apply a thin layer of paint that is the same colour as the pages. The lines should show through faintly.

6.  Fold the cardboard strip along the marks to form the sides of the box and tape it together on the inside.

7.  Attach the side to the bottom of the box with the strips of tape placed on the inside of the box. You can glue on velvet cloth, or some other material or gift wrap pieces inside the box to make it more attractive. 

8.  Apply glue under the box and stick it on the inside back cover of the book. Carefully fold your book shut to see that it fits properly.  

9.  Apply glue to the left side of the box and fold the book cover shut against the side of the box. Let it dry.


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