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Garlands from Creased Squares

Garlands from Creased Squares
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Garlands can be made using as many shades of tissue papers as you like. You can make it more attractive by giving matching shades alternately. Here we are using square pieces of tissue paper to make garland. In this method you can make three varieties of garlands from the same paper.

The choice of colours depends on your taste. Here pink, dark blue and light blue are used to make the garlands.

Take 12 to 18 square pieces of tissue papers in three different shades. If you want more length for your garland, you can use another set of 12 to 18 tissue papers to make another garland and join the garlands together.

Fold all the tissue papers into eights to establish creases and unfold.

Take one piece of a particular colour creased tissue and apply fast-drying glue along the two diagonal creases.

Lay a second piece of creased tissue of the same colour on top. 

This time apply glue to the horizontal and vertical creases. Continue until all the tissues are glued in this manner. 5 to 6 pieces of the same colour can be joined at one time followed by the next colour. 

After gluing all the tissue pieces together, cut out a circled area from the center. When you open out the stacked pieces of tissue paper glued together, you get one type of garland. 

Fold the cut out circle in quarters and cut a 1 inch width circle through the edge. Open out the stacks of paper, to make the second type of garland.

Cut the smallest circle remaining with scalloping shears or make scallops at the edges with scissors. This will make the third type of garland.

Three shapes cut from a single stack of glued tissue squares. The smallest circle cut with scalloping shears.


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