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Leaf Printing

Leaf Printing
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Leaf Printing can make plain fabrics attractive. It is a very easy method that anyone can try out, to make beautiful designs on your Saree, shawl or table cloth. The perfection and beauty of the print depends on the colour combinations you choose. If the fabric is dark then light colour paints will look better and vice versa. It can be done even on expensive silk fabrics.

Before making be ready with following things.
» Fabric Paint - different colours (Here I am using dark green, red, orange, yellow and light green colours )
» Brush
» Leaves -any thick veined leaves with different sizes
» Cloth
» Golden colour 3D outliner
» Take leaves of different shapes, especially thick veined leaves with curved edges will look nice. 
» Iron the cloth in order to make it wrinkle free.


Before you start, decide on the design. Draw the design with a 3D outliner. Here I am going to draw an autumn creeper. I have started from the bottom of the creeper. The base should be bit thick and gradually should taper down as it reach the edges. Leaves of an autumn creeper are seen in different colours. So to make the design more natural, use different colours. Here I am using dark green, red, orange and light green colours.

Now take the leaf., lets start with a dark green colour. Paint the back side of the leaf completely with the chosen colour. Now stick the leaf on the cloth and press well. Repeat the process. Before making the print on the actual material it is better do a trial on a rough cloth.

Once you finish with one colour, shift to another colour. But don't use the same leaf for the next colour.

Use different colours and finish the design. You can use any design and pattern. Leaves can be stuck in a straight line or randomly according to your aesthetic taste. 

For the painting to last longer, iron the backside of the design.  Ironing should be done only after drying.


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