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Table Tennis

The Server wins the point
The Server wins the point

Table Tennis is an indoor game based on tennis, played with small bats and a ball bounced on a table divided by a net. This game is also known as Ping-Pong.

The origin of the game is not known. Britain, The United states of America, India and South Africa have each been named as the birth place of this popular sport. In 1921, the Ping-Pong Association was established in Britain. The name of the association was subsequently changed to Table Tennis Association in 1926. In 1933, the US Table Tennis Association was formed as one of its affiliates.

It was only in 1937, that the Table Tennis Federation of India was formed in Calcutta with four State Association affiliated to it. T.D Ranga Ramanujan; 'T.D.R' as he was called played an important role to strengthen the federation. India was not only a founder-member of the International Table Tennis Federation but took part in the inaugural World Championships held in London in 1926. World championship was held at Bombay in 1952 for the first time in Asia.