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Table Tennis - Game

The player in action
The player in action

A match shall consist of the best of three or the best of five games. Play shall be continuous throughout, except that either player or pair is entitled to claim an interval of not more than two minutes duration between successive games.

The choice of ends and the right to serve or receive first  in a match shall be decided by toss. The winner of the toss may choose the right to serve or receive first and the loser shall then have the choice of ends and vice versa.

In doubles, the pair who have the right to serve the first five services in any game shall decide which partner shall do so. In the first game of the match the opposing pair shall then decide similarly which shall be the first receiver. In subsequent games the serving pair shall choose their first server and the first receiver will then be established automatically to correspond with the first server.

Service shall begin with the ball resting on the palm of the free hand, which must be stationary, open and flat, with the fingers together and the thumb free. The free hand while in contact with the ball in service shall be above the level of the playing surface and behind the servers end line. The whole of the racket shall be above the level of the playing surface from the last moment at which the ball is stationary on the palm of the free hand until the ball is struck.

The server shall then project the ball upwards within 45 degree of the vertical, by hand only and without imparting spin, so that the ball is visible at all times to the umpire and that it visibly leaves the palm.

The Server projects the ball upwards
The Server projects the ball upwards

As the ball is then visibly descending from the height of its trajectory it shall be struck so that it touches first the server's court and then, passing directly over or around the net, touches the receivers court.

A Rally is the period during which the ball is in play. A Let is a rally of which the result is not scored. A Point is a rally which the result is scored.

A player volleys the ball if he strikes it in play when it has not touched his court since last being struck by his opponent. An umpire and an assistant is appointed to control the match.