Monday, July 15, 2024

Table Tennis - Scoring

Player concentrating
Player concentrating

A player shall lose a point, unless the Rally is a Let.

  • If he fails to make a good service.

  • If, a good service or a good return having been made by his opponent, he fails to make a good return.

  • If, before the ball in play shall have passed over the end lines or side lines not yet having touched the playing surface on his side of the net since being struck by his opponent, it comes in contact with him or anything he wears or carries. 

  • If he volleys the ball.

  • In doubles if any one of the pair strikes the ball out of proper sequence. 

  • If, under the expedite system, he serves and the receiving player or pair make thirteen or successive good returns.

  • If he or his racket or anything that he wears or carries touches the net or its supports or moves the playing surface while the ball is in play. 

  • If his free hand touches the playing surface while the ball is in play. 


A game shall be won by the player or the pair first scoring 21 points, unless both players or pairs shall have scored 20 points, when the winner of the game shall be the player or pair first scoring 2 points more than the opposing player or pair.