Saturday, April 13, 2024

Fairs & Festivals



An average fair is enchantingly picturesque. A bustling market springs up, in which articles of food and products of local handicrafts-toys, glass bangles and an assortment of all kinds of articles for domestic use-are on display.

A greater accent is, however, always on the toy shops where photographs and clay models of Rama and Sita, of Hanuman flying with the life giving herb, of Lord Krishna and his Gopis, and of Lord Siva with his trident and snakes are well displayed. The whole mythology seems to be depicted in toys. Women can be seen excitedly haggling for trinkets. There is fun and frolic all round. The old as well as the young  run to the swings and swing to their heart's content. The gay ones in small groups sing Bolian and perform folk dances to the strain of the Vanijli  and Algoza. The sturdy ones test their strength in wrestling fields. It is a feast of color and gaiety and fully reflects the joy of the community.

The fairs of the Punjab are linked with its culture and reflect by and large, the various phases of its life. Some of the distinct Punjabi traits are depicted in them. They may be divided into the following types: i) Seasonal fairs  ii) Mythical fairs  iii) Fairs held in honour of saints iv) Fairs connected with festivals.