Sunday, February 17, 2019

The People

▪ Introduction ▪ Beliefs ▪ Hinduism ▪ Islam ▪ Christianity ▪ Purohitism & Maibaism


Christianity in the hill tracts of north-eastern region spread as a result of the British religious policy in the area. At present almost all of the hill tribal population is Christian. All groups of Nagas and Kukis of Manipur have adopted Christianity. The greatest contribution of Christianity has been the spread of education. The Bible is available in Tankhul, Thado, Lushai and Meitei dialects. The priests are mostly from South India.
The churches are spread throughout the hills in villagers. Most of these churches have schools attached to them. The tribal Christians celebrate Christmas with full enthusiasm. The tribals are very fond of Indian and Western music. They have accepted English as a medium of dealing but they write in their own dialect. They feel that the use of their dialect is a cultural requirement. All tribals are clan conscious and he will like to glorify the name of his clan and family. They do not adopt the Christian names. A Christian locality is also a place of peace and harmony. Very few groups clashes are allowed to occur.

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