Friday, February 22, 2019

The People

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Islam of Manipur is a religion of a section of people who are Mohammedans. All Manipuri Muslims read Koran. The holy book is translated in Manipuri language. The days solemn business of daily routine of Musalman's starts with the Lord's prayer. The Manipur Muslims observe two festivals in a year. They are Ramjan or Roza Id and Bakrid. Haj pilgrimage is performed by several Muslims in Manipur.

The male Muslim wear white pyjama. The shirt or kurta and kisti cap are common costumes. Many of them also wear long buttoned up coat or 'Achkan'. They prefer to keep beard. Their head-dress is also a round conical cap which they wear specially on ceremonial occasions. Rich people wear a special type of sheep skin cap which is imported from Kashmir or Afghanistan. A Meitei Muslim woman wears a fanek which is wrapped round her waist down to the foot. The upper body is covered with a blouse. The white chader type piece of cloth is worn as headdress. Some women wear sari and blouse. Pardah system is observed by most of the elderly women. In some families where a 'Pardanasheen' (a lady in veil) woman goes out of her home she covers her entire figure from the crown of her head down to her feet. Muslims are the best in poultry. They rear buffaloes and goats. The flesh of an animal is slaughtered by performing 'Halal' (to slaughter animal from throat). They are hard workers. They grow a variety of paddy crops. Women also take part in field work.

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