Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Arts and Architecture


Leimapokpam  Keirungba Temple 

The temple is situated in Imphal town in the compound of Manipur State Road Transport Corporation. It is donated by Leimapokpan Keirungba in 1875 AD. It is not in use now.

The whole structure of the temple is made in bricks. It is a square cube and appears just rising from the ground level. Its pedestal is not raised above the ground. It is facing south. The facade wall is decorated and in front  there is a semicircular arch supported by three pillars on each side. The arch towards its outer extremity is thickened with additional brick layers having hexagonal holes. On either side of the arch stands the replica of shrine with stupi. The cornice is achieved by giving different layers of bricks, by making their courses outward and then giving a slant  to the projection with the help of flat bricks. Above the cornice is the railing. The outer jacket cube has got a row of arcades in its eastern and southern walls. There are no arcades in the western walls.

A staircase is provided to it on a raised rostrum having flying steps from both sides and then it leads into the thirteen spiral staircases ending above to open to the terrace of the building.

The Garbha Griha is square and the sanctum wall is provided with three doors. The circumambulatory path is approachable through arcades on east and north sides and through the arch gate from the front side.

The floral motifs on the facade wall below the cornice and in the railing show an advancement in art expression. The arrangement of pillars, the archivolt with multifold curves, the geometric modulation of arch holes,  the foil arrangement inside arcades etc show an architectural improvement as compared to that of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century temple construction.

This is one of  the  important monuments of Manipur. The pollution around is the main factor to cause damage to the monument.