Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Arts and Architecture


Manipur is known for its crafts. Both in the hills and the valley the craft work is the common occupation. Coarse cotton cloth is woven on the looms. The looms are in every house. Cotton thread is imported in large quantity. Cotton yarn is dyed with red, yellow, green, orange, black and pink colours. Artistic designs are arranged horizontally and vertically by producing stripes and geometrical blocks. These blocks are filled up with geometrical designs of smaller components. The rhythm of colour bands is maintained. Silk cloth is also woven on the looms.

In Manipur there are about ten different varieties of embroideries. Lamphic is a war cloth worn by the warriors. Ninghonphee is a waistcoat and it is used by warriors. Saijounba is a long coat worn by men especially by the courtiers. Phiranauba is the small flags as plumes on turban worn by the warriors. Namthang-Khut-hut is a special design which is taken from the head of Pakhangba. The cloth with this design is worn only by the royal ladies. Khamenchatpa is the design taken from the belly of Pakhangba. This design is taken on dhotis used by men of distinction.
Kabui Singh Nangpan is the flag designs taken from the neck of Pakhangba. Phiranji is a red blanket and is given as a reward for merit. Motrangphee is a temple design. This piece of cloth with peculiar design was invented by the princess Thoibi and Lashingphee is a very famous cloth. It is in fact a light quilt. The cotton wicks are artistically and adroitly arranged horizontally through the silky and striped bands of  different fibre of the wrap. The different designs are named Likti design, bottle design, moibung design - attractive motifs and Shamilan design with animal motifs.

There are ten types of cloth patterns amongst Naga tribes. They are Pakhon phi which is worn by men. The central portion is white and the borders are with black, blue and red lines; Leirum phi which is red and white with black marks; Kairao phi with red, black and blue stripes; Lai phi is worn by women and it is with black and white stripes; Longkhum Kasum with red and white stripes is worn by women; Sukham phi is a cloth with white ground with red and black border; Pordesum phi is a piece of cloth with red, black, blue and white cross markings; Langoudesum phi is a woman's cloth with black and red stripes; Kasundesum phi is with broad red and narrow black stripes and it is worn by women; and Melao phi is a waist cloth worn by Naga men. It is with blue and red stripes. In the hills and the valley, baskets, hats and other articles are made from the bamboo. Basket are made in different designs.     MORE CRAFTS...