Sunday, January 29, 2023

Arts and Architecture


Lord Krishna Temple of Brahmpur Leikai 

The temple is situated in Imphal at Brahmpur Guru Aribam Leikai, on the banks of the Imphal river. The temple was patronized by king Charairongba and built in the year 1704 AD.

The temple built with bricks, is given a thick cement coating from outside. The pedestal is raised in three layers of bricks. A sound panel of flying staircases in the south facing facade matches the sturdy structure of the temple base. The sanctum cube and the porch walls separately support  the dome like hemispherical roof. The porch dome is shorter in height. The surface of the dome is decorated with the floral motifs. Above the floral motifs it is shaped in to a short neck to rest the circular crown. The crown further carries two Kalasas placed one above the other. The pinnacle above the top vase also carries a Nilachakra.

The internal sanctum is interconnected to the porch hall through a small door. The porch  hall is divided in to two chambers  partitioned by an iron folding door. The porch door opens  outside leading to the staircases. The artistic  importance of the temple is that there are different idols of Lord Krishna showing different events  from his child hood  to adult stage. The modulation of the idols is done in a very artistic manner. These also reflect the artistic antiquity of idol deities .