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Places of Historic Importance


It is an ancient town not far from Kurukshetra has been a centre of pilgrimage for ages. It is on the, left bank of the sacred Saraswati, twelve kilometers from Thanesar. 


Ambala was founded in the fourteenth century by one Amba Rajput hence its name. It is more likelt that the name is a changed version of Ambwala or mango village, judging from the mango groves that exist here. In 1859 Ambala became the head quarters of a district and division formed under the Punjab administration. It still maintains its dual status.


It is situated 20 kilometers from Chandigarh.Pinjore is famous for its gardens which is a beautiful example of the terraced gardens of the Mughals. The Pinjore Gardens lie on the Ambala Simla road, near Kalka. It is planned by a Fidai Khan in the region of Jehangir. At present the garden belongs to Haryana to whose share it came, in1966 at the time of formation of the state. Haryana government has spent considerable sum of money on the improvement of the garden and buildings. The results has been quite breathtaking.


Hissar was the biggest district in Haryana. It  has now been spilt in to three -  the new districts being Bhiwani and Sirsa. The towns of Fatehabad and Hissar were founded by Firoz Shah Tughlak in the 14th century. Its historical monuments include the minarets of Jama Masjid, Feroz Shah's palace, the summer house outside the fort, Baholshah's mosque, the tomb of Chalis Haliz and the Ashokan Pillar. The district has made striking progress during the last few years both in agriculture and industry. The Haryana Agricultural university and the Government Live stock farm (biggest in Asia) are located here. Hissar is now  the head quarters of the second division in Haryana.


One of the oldest towns of Haryana, Sirsa is named after the Shirish Ban, a large forest which once existed here. The place was founded by clearing this forest. Sirsa finds mention in the Mahabharatha, Nakul one of the Pandava brothers, proceeded to Sirsa after conquering Rohtak. 


Hansi was founded by one Asa Ram Jat came to be known as Ashi and later it became Hansi. Hansi has played an important part in the history of Haryana during the mediaeval period. It  has been the centre of several  political conflicts. It was an important administrative unit during the Mughals. Later it became famous as the capital of the Irish adventurer George Thomas.


This is an important town in Haryana. As a result of the reorganization of the districts,  it has now become headquarters of a district. It was a very important business and commercial centre. The archeological discoveries at Mitathal suggest that this area was a part of the Harappan Civilization.


 This town and its surrounding villages are said to have their origin in the days of Raja Anangpal, ruler of Ajmer and the grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan. Other parts of the district came into being during the Mughal time. Later this area came successively under the control of the Marathas, The Nawab of Jhajjar and the British. Recently its Dadri Tehsil has gone to Bhiwani but Rewari from Gurgaon has been added to it.